VisionMenu adds five more Product Providers to its vRate™ platform

VisionMenu adds five more Product Providers to its vRate™ platform

Ft Wayne, IN- April 30th 2014- VisionMenu has integrated ASI, GWC Warranty, PCMI, Premier Dealer Services, and RoadVantage to vRate™ for its electronic menu. vRate™ is an unprecedented “new feature” of VisionMenu which allows the user to rate multiple providers and multiple products simultaneously. vRate™ is a “direct to the provider” electronic rating tool that will populate all of the rates that are returned by any of the providers that VisionMenu has a direct integration. Once the rates are simultaneously returned, the F&I Manager then can simply point and click their desired option for each product and package. vRate™ doesn’t cost providers, agents, or dealers any additional fee than what they were already paying for their menu.

“Speed and Accuracy are so important to a dealer’s F&I office today,” says Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu.” vRate™ is so efficient in getting all the rates, that it makes it much easier to eContract. The vRate™ process is accomplished in a fraction of the time that it takes the user to rate each provider individually.”

About VisionMenu, Inc.: VisionMenu is a provider of Software Selling Solutions to Automotive and Powersports Dealers. The VisionMenuPRO platform includes VisionMenu, VisonReport, VisionReport Mobile, and vRate™. These solutions help dealers sell more units, increase F&I product sales and efficiencies, and gives them the analytics they need to evaluate profitability.

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