ClassicTrak partners with VisionMenu to provide State-of-the-art menu for agents and their dealerships

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ClassicTrak partners with VisionMenu to provide State-of-the-art menu for agents and their dealerships

For Release March 30, 2011

OLDSMAR, FL –– Norman & Company, Inc., a provider of aftermarket products for automotive, power sports, marine, and RV dealerships, announced today that it has selected VisionMenu, Inc, a provider of training, menu and software development tools for the automotive and power sports industries, to provide its agents and their dealerships with the ClassicTrak Menu System.
The ClassicTrak Menu System offers dealerships the highest quality sales and compliance tools available specifically designed to enhance F&I sales and profits. The ClassicTrak Menu System includes menu, desking, and reporting tools that integrate with DMS and Product providers. It also integrates both product rating and enrollment with ClassicTrak’s extensive lines of products. The menu system also includes over 12 hours of online F&I sales and compliance training that is delivered directly to the F&I person’s desktop.
“The ClassicTrak Menu System allows us to provide to our agents electronic sales and compliance tools to compliment our competitively priced, high quality aftermarket products,” said Jerry Davis, vice president of Classic. “We now have the ability to give the highest quality menu away to the dealerships that do business with us. We are pleased to partner with VisionMenu on this endeavor and truly appreciate the high level of support they provide to our organization and client dealers,” he added.

About ClassicTrak –– Norman & Company, Inc. provides proprietary-labeled product line for the automotive, power sports, marine, and RV industries under the names Classic and ClassicTrak. Over the years Norman & Company, Inc. has created a world-class customer service team that exceeds customer’s expectations. Its staff is expertly trained to recognize opportunities to provide superior service. With more than 100 years combined experience in the automotive industry, its vast experience has enabled it to become and remain an industry leader dedicated to fast and efficient claims processing. Through its relationships and partners, Norman & Company seeks out superior products that provide real protection real benefits for today’s consumers. For more information go to

About VisionMenu, Inc. –– VisionMenu is a provider of high quality Software Selling Solutions to automotive and power sports dealers. The VisionMenu PRO platform includes VisionMenu, VisionDesk, and VisionReport. These solutions help dealers sell more units, increase F&I product sales, and provides them with the analytics they need to evaluate profitability. VisionMenu was designed by The Vision of F&I, Inc., a leading provider of sales and F&I training. The sales expertise of The Vision of F&I gives VisionMenu a unique user interface to make it the most effective sales tool of its kind. VisionMenu currently integrates with 25 product rating and enrollment web-services. For more information go to

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