ADP Certification 6/13/12

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ADP Certification 6/13/12

VisionMenu, Inc. has acquired the ADP Certified Interface to supply to its dealerships and agent partners, for VisionMenu and VisionReport.

The Certified Interface allows a dealership to access a one-click menu from the dealer’s library of menu templates provided by VisionMenu. The integration only takes a few seconds to bring in a menu of the dealer’s choice. The integration also allows for an immediate “Push Back” to the DMS based on which package the customer selected. VisionReport is updated nightly via batch export. The nightly batch export will pick up all new “Booked” or “Finalized” deals, as well as, any deal that was changed the previous day in their ADP Dealership Management System.

The integration populates the menu with the information necessary to sell their F&I products and gives the dealer the reporting tool needed to maximize gross profits. This is another example of how VisionMenu intends to stay on the cutting edge for our Dealers and Agent partners.

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