VisionMenu for Powersports

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VisionMenu for Powersports

VisionMenu gives the Finance and Insurance Manager a compliant, profit-friendly approach to presenting F&I products. This web-based solution is simple, easy to use, and incredibly fast. VisionMenu was designed to fit the many different menu needs that a Powersports dealer has. Present customized worksheets to your customers regardless of whether they are using traditional financing, promotional financing, or paying cash all with the confidence that the calculations correctly match your DMS. Some unique features of VisionMenu are:

  • Completely Customizable Menus
  • Lender Caps Menus to show customer how they can take advantage of F&I products even when the bank has limited the financing.
  • Cash Conversion Menus
  • Infinite Menu Templates
  • Integrates with VSC and GAP rate look ups
  • OFAC Check

Vision Menu


Product Disclosure

This form compliments the menu by giving the F&I person a final sales opportunity. The products declined make it easy for a close like, “Is it easier for you to afford $22 per month when your working or $489 when your not?” It also makes the customer sign off that they have been presented the products.


Infinite Templates

Infinite Menu Templates

VisionMenu allows the user to set up infinite menu templates in their setups. This way they simply point and click to the one they want to use and change it on the fly if they need to. VisionMenu does on one screen that other menus take several to do.


Multiple Unit Option

This option will let the F&I Manager put multiple units on their menu in order to present multiple products when its applicable. For example, you’ll be able to show a warranty for each unit the customer is buying on the same menu!


Multiple Collateral

OFAC Check

Your menu will do your required OFAC check for you and one can be printed off and placed in the deal jacket.


Promotional Menu

Promotional Menu

VisionMenu for Powersports allows the F&I person the ability to show F&I products on a menu even when the customer is using the promotional option!

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