Payment Calculator

Payment Calculator


Transparency and compliance are buzz words in the F&I World today.  The Consumer Financial Protection Board has brought about changes in how regulators see the F&I industry and there are certainly more to come. The VisionMenu Payment Calculator provides the transparency a Dealer needs while giving them an excellent closing tool.  You can now add a front-end payment calculator to VisionMenu to satisfy your full disclosure requirements, and sell more vehicles. One thing Menu Selling has shown us: allowing the customer to make choices in a straight forward way not only makes a happier customer, but increases dealer profitability.

The Payment Calculator empowers the Salesperson with information by providing up to 9 Finance options, 3 Lease options, or a Cash option. It also allows you to show just the Finance options and Cash options if the Sales Department prefers. The result is that the customer focuses on the Decision-Making process.

In today’s challenging credit environment it is imperative that the sales department is asking for cash down on each deal. VisionMenu’s Payment Calculator gives the Dealership the tool that they need to easily display choices, so that the customer can pick the choice that best fits their budget and the down payment that they are most comfortable with.

You can display all the options or just the options that are necessary to give the customer the choices they need to make their buying decision.  Call us today to see a demonstration of the product and find out how easy it is to add to VisionMenu.  The Payment Calculator will give you a complete Dealership Payment Closing process to give your Dealership the full disclosure you’re looking for.



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