• The F&I Manager controls the presentation from their desktop while the customer views any mobile device, whether it be a tablet or smart phone.
  • The customer can be sitting in the Finance Office or in the privacy of their own home, office, or anywhere they have a wireless connection.
  • Remote F&I uses vSignature to eSign the menu, disclosure, product form, or any laser form.
  • The F&I Manager may display brochures, or sales tools with a click of their mouse.
  • No hassle login for the customer. They simply click on a link without creating an account or password.
  • Remote F&I functions work in milliseconds.

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    vSignature, exclusively through VisionMenu, gives you the ability to eSign the Menu, Disclosure and Product Provider contracts. This remote technology may be done while the customer is sitting in the Finance office or in the privacy of their own home. The Finance Manager may disclose any form on the customer’s mobile or smart phone device to allow the customer to view and eSign the forms. All the customer needs is a wireless connection to sign a form that is as legal as a wet signature.

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    VisionMenu is a tool that enables the Finance & Insurance Manager to present a fully customizable and simple to use menu. With VisionMenu you can present, sell, and e-contract F & I products in a profit-focused, efficient way. Keeping the customer’s experience in mind, our software has a variety of menu types that make the buying process much easier for the customer. VisionMenu is a web-based and easy to use software suite that offers many special features that may help you to be more successful in your Finance a & Insurance office. Some of these include the lender cap function, cash conversion menu, free OFAC check, and many others.



    Approved Certified Interfaces


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    VisionReport is a fully-comprehensible product that provides unparalleled access to information and analytics in real time. With VisionReport, information is analyzed from multiple hierarchies (Salesperson, Manager, Department, Dealership, or group) that are then filtered into easy-to-read reports, charts, and graphs. VisionReport’s charts & graphs make it clear who is, or is not, achieving the established performance goals at your dealership. With this information, you can customize your training for particular team members and see the strengths and weaknesses of various members of your sales team. In addition, you can access this information with a secure connection that is accessible through any device with internet.



    VisionReport places all information in reach of your fingertips, while enabling you to customize your reports in an effort to maximize your dealership’s profits. The fully personalized dashboard enables each user to define exactly what is seen and analyzed in their very own homepage. Our reports not only separate information by the type of product but they also separate information by the provider of the product. With detail like these, statistical analysis becomes even stronger as it gives insight about the behavior of your team. Our unlimited e-mail subscription abilities make sure you always have the information that you need wherever you are.

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    VisionMenu is a certified interface for Reynold’s & Reynold’s, ADP, DealerTrack, AutoMate, DealerBuilt, and Autosoft. Participating in these certified interface programs ensures that VisionMenu provides a secure and reliable link between the dealer management system and the software. The security that these certified interface programs provide also saves the user effort and time; dealer’s data is efficiently pulled into a dealer’s menu in a matter of a few seconds.

    In addition to the deal pull, VisionReport information also flows consistently and accurately through an overnight export or when it is available on demand. Our intelligent mapping system allows a dealer to direct exactly where and how the information from their DMS is analyzed in VisionReport and seen in the F & I menu.



    VisionMenu’s industry-leading eRating and eContracting platform is one of a kind. Our menu system, and all of our products, are directly-linked to over 80 providers without using third-party vendors to do so. The direct-to-provider connection enables us to get rates and create contracts in a much simpler way with far less room for errors. In addition, VisionMenu’s platform is the most efficient because it gets the entire rate card, from multiple product providers simultaneously with the click of one button.

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