eAcademy Exam 1

Exam #1

Requirements: Completion of all 23 Questions, 90% or better, within the 400s time limit. Good Luck!

Question #1: What are the 5 Personality Types for buyers?


Question #2: The reason salesmen are ineffective is for one word, _________.

Question #3: If the Salesman is found to be ineffective at selling it comes down to 1 thing….

Incorrect! Identifying the problem is the first step in fixing the problem.

Question #4: What are the two acceptable pressures types?


Question #5: As taught in Chapter 5, what is an effective method for handling any and all kinds of Objections?


Question #6: Which closing style is best described as, The tendency people have to want something more when told they cannot?


Question #7: When breaking buyer pre-occupation a question must be asked that is designed to answer what question?

Question #8: The Price/Payment should never come up until the Customer is ready for them to.


Question #9: What percentage represents the certainty of Objections?


Question #10: A common way the Salesman avoids rejection.


Question #11: The F&I Process consists of what 4 factors?

Incorrect! Approaching the customer, Presenting our products, Overcoming Objections, getting the customer to buy are the 4 factors of the F&I Process.

Question #12: In order to sell effectively, what is the most important thing to do?


Question #13: Fill in the blank: Sales is the transfer of our __________ for the products we offer to the customer.


Question #14: What are the “3 things” a customer will notice about you?


Question #15: Which answer below contains 3 of the 11 closes that are discussed in the Chapter 6 video?


Question #16: Apathetic buyers never buy anything

Incorrect! A, pathetic buyer can't afford to buy anything

Question #17: How would the Ascending close best be described?


Question #18: What is a Self-Actualizing buyer?

Incorrect! This buyer personality is the easiest to pick out...

Question #19: How long does it take for a customer to decide whether or not they will buy from you?


Question #20: Buyers buy for their own reasons.

Incorrect! You need to go back a review the material in Chapters 2-4

Question #21: Finish the statement: Objections show _______.

Incorrect! Generally speaking the answer is how you choose to view objections

Question #22: Which statement best describes the Power of Suggestion close?


Question #23: Which best describes the Alternative Close?

Incorrect! Thought as the more widely known of the closing styles.