eAcademy Exam 1.2

Exam #1.2

Requirements: Completion of all 10 Questions,10/10 – 100% requirement, finish within the 70s time limit. Good Luck!

Question #1: Questions can be open ended or closed ended.

Question #2: As taught in Chapter 5, what is an effective method for handling any and all kinds of Objections?


Question #3: When breaking buyer pre-occupation a question must be asked that is designed to answer what question?

Question #4: Which answer below contains 3 of the 11 closes that are discussed in the Chapter 6 video?


Question #5: Which Closing style best fits this statement? “If I could get it within your budget would you take it?”

Question #6: How would the Ascending close best be described?


Question #7: Which Closing style best describes this statement? “You’re really going to like this….”

Question #8: Which best describes the Alternative Close?

Incorrect! Thought as the more widely known of the closing styles.

Question #9: Fill in the blank: You should always _________ Objections.

Question #10: If the Salesman is found to be ineffective at selling it comes down to 1 thing….

Incorrect! Identifying the problem is the first step in fixing the problem.