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VisionMenu Introduces F&I by Design

VisionMenu has introduced F&I by Design, a new solution designed to allow dealers to build their own sales presentation upon a paperless process. A “remote-control” tool within VisionMenu’s vSignature module can display sales tools, multimedia presentations, menus, disclosures, product forms, laser forms and more. F&I by Design presentations can…

VisionMenu version 4.0 is Coming Soon!

Here’s what to expect from the 4.0 release:

  • A refreshed and updated user interface
  • Cross-compatibility with all browsers
  • New, easy-to-follow error handling process for e-rating and e-contracting
  • New access to additional customer documents from the deal ledger

Please contact us with any questions at 1.800.413.9902 or sales@visionmenu.com

vSignature Contract Form
vSignature Contract Form
vSignature with Graph
vSignature with Graph
New Deal Screen with Dropdown Full
New Deal Screen with Dropdown Full
Deal Screen
Deal Screen
Deal Ledger with Forms
Deal Ledger with Forms
New Deal Screen with Dropdown
New Deal Screen with Dropdown

VisionMenu Offers Second Term Products

VisionMenu has enhanced to allow for products to be allowed on the first and second term menu options. Previously, only the payment for the second term is displayed for the two term menu, while the first term has both term and product options. With this new enhancement VisionMenu users can better illustrate multiple term options, along with multiple product mixes, for the same option. This enhancement makes the menu more flexible to accommodate any sales situation.

VisionMenu Celebrates eContracting Milestone

During January, VisionMenu eContracted 20,648 customer contracts, directly, at no charge. VisionMenu’s vRate process, which rates all providers simultaneously, has been the catalyst for the ease of eContracting for dealers.

eContracting through VisionMenu has grown from a few thousand contracts per month to more than 20,000 in January, and the company expects similar growth throughout the year.

“We are making some significant enhancements to the process this year and expect this kind of growth or better in the future,” said Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu.

Click Here to view to Press release on the F&I showroom website.

VisionMenu adds Four more Product Providers to its vRate™ platform

Ft Wayne, IN- July 28, 2015- VisionMenu has integrated Perma Plate, VAS (Vehicle Admin Services), ArmorAll, and TWS (Total Warranty Services) to vRate™ for its electronic menu. vRate™ is a feature of VisionMenu which allows the user to rate multiple providers and multiple products simultaneously. vRate™ is a “direct to the provider” electronic rating tool that will populate all of the rates that are returned by any of the providers that VisionMenu has a direct integration. Once the rates are simultaneously returned, the F&I Manager then can simply point and click their desired option for each product and package. vRate™ doesn’t cost providers, agents, or dealers any additional fee than what they were already paying for their menu.

“Adding these four companies brings our number of, direct to provider, integrations to 60 companies,” says Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu. “Dealers are many times using multiple providers with their F&I product mix, so it’s a tremendous benefit to them to bring back the entire rate book of what their customer and vehicle qualify for. vRate™ is so efficient in getting all the rates, that it makes it much easier to eContract.”

About VisionMenu, Inc.: VisionMenu is a provider of Software Selling Solutions to Automotive and Powersports Dealers. The VisionMenuPRO platform includes VisionMenu, VisonReport, VisionReport Mobile, and vRate™. These solutions help dealers sell more units, increase F&I product sales and efficiencies, and gives them the analytics they need to evaluate profitability.

For more information go to www.visionmenupro.com.

ECP rating and contracting now available


ECP product rating and contracting is now available for use within VisionMenu for dealers to use within their VisionMenu software.

Mosaic rating and contracting now available


Mosaic product rating and contracting is now available for use within VisionMenu for dealers to use within their VisionMenu software.

Integration with Maintenance Plus Complete

Maintenance Plus

VisionMenu now integrated with product provider Maintenance Plus for product eRating and eContracting.

Integration with bi-weekly payment provider US Equity Advantage complete

This integration gives users the ability to enroll their customers into US Equity Advantage’s bi-weekly payment plan directly from VisionMenu.