About VisionMenu, Inc.

VisionMenu was founded in 2001 by Ron Martin, president of the Vision of F&I, Inc. Ron’s first-hand experience in Finance and Insurance and Lending gave him the insight to foresee how the customer’s financing transaction was evolving. It was clear to him that menu selling was going to be the “method of choice” to present Aftermarket products to the customer in a clear and compliant way. This could only be done effectively if the F&I person has the flexibility to present choices based on the variety of customer needs. The handwritten menu simply couldn’t achieve this end. He saw an electronic menu was the only way, leading him to form VisionMenu. VisionMenu, Inc. uses the ideal combination of Quality, Service, and Price to make it the choice for many Companies, Agents, and Dealers in the United States and Canada.VisionMenu, Inc. is comprised of a variety of technology, customer service, and sales specialists. Lead by our President Ron Martin, Our mission is to bring our clients top of the line F&I solutions that are not only cutting edge but provide them the tools they need to be successful in today’s industry climate. Ever evolving, VisionMenu, Inc. has been built.


Web based software, flexible enough to be run on a wide range of browser types (v4.0 Runs all popular browsers) Mobile capabilities (Tablets, Mobile phones)


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