Monthly Archives: September 2014

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VisionMenu adds Odometer reading to Menu Form

VisionMenu has added the Odometer reading to the Menu Form. The odometer reading is found at the top of the form located directly under the vehicle.

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VisionMenu adds ability for a Custom Logo to be uploaded to your Reports

VisionMenu has recently added a feature that will allow for a custom logo to be uploaded to your reports. If you would like to have a logo added to your reports, simply email and attached the image that you would like to appear.

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VisionMenu adds new “Dealer Rep.” signature to Menu and Product Disclosure Forms

VisionMenu has added a line for a “Dealer Rep.” signature on both the Menu form and the Disclosure Form. The line is found at the bottom of the forms right next to the Buyer and Co-Buyer lines.

Dealer Rep Signature Menu Form

Dealer Rep Signature Disclosure Form

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VisionMenu Introduces new “Product Per Retail” Report

The new “Product Per Retail” report is available for all VisionReport users. The new report can be found in the report library tab under “F&I Reports. This report breaks out how many New, Used, and Total units were sold by F&I Manager. In addition to that, it also breaks out the Units by Finance, Cash, and Lease. This report also breaks out $/Retail Unit and $/Finance Unit. As you can see from the example, the report displays important category penetrations and $/VSC contract. Lastly, this report displays total Product Per Retail for each individual F&I Person. Feel free to export this report to excel so that you can rank each individual category to your discretion. This report can be ran for a single store, a dealer group, or an entire agency!

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