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VisionMenu: New “Presentation Form” available!

In our latest release, we have developed a new “Presentation Form” that the F&I Manager can utilize in conjunction with their Menu and Product Disclosure.  The new “Presentation Form” is a way to review the products offered before a menu is printed.  On the right hand side of this form, there is an open area for the F&I Manager to make notes when talking to their customers about the benefits of the products offered.


If you would like to utilize the new “Presentation Form” at you dealership, please call one of our Customer Support Specialists at 260-755-3224 and they will activate it for you and your dealership.  After the form is activated for you, you will see a new button right next to your “Print Menu” and “Print Disclosure” buttons that says “Presentation Form.”  By simply clicking on the new button, you will have the brand new “Presentation Form” available to use for every customer!

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VisionMenu adds five more Product Providers to its vRate™ platform

Ft Wayne, IN- April 30th 2014- VisionMenu has integrated ASI, GWC Warranty, PCMI, Premier Dealer Services, and RoadVantage to vRate™ for its electronic menu. vRate™ is an unprecedented “new feature” of VisionMenu which allows the user to rate multiple providers and multiple products simultaneously. vRate™ is a “direct to the provider” electronic rating tool that will populate all of the rates that are returned by any of the providers that VisionMenu has a direct integration. Once the rates are simultaneously returned, the F&I Manager then can simply point and click their desired option for each product and package. vRate™ doesn’t cost providers, agents, or dealers any additional fee than what they were already paying for their menu.

“Speed and Accuracy are so important to a dealer’s F&I office today,” says Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu.” vRate™ is so efficient in getting all the rates, that it makes it much easier to eContract. The vRate™ process is accomplished in a fraction of the time that it takes the user to rate each provider individually.”

About VisionMenu, Inc.: VisionMenu is a provider of Software Selling Solutions to Automotive and Powersports Dealers. The VisionMenuPRO platform includes VisionMenu, VisonReport, VisionReport Mobile, and vRate™. These solutions help dealers sell more units, increase F&I product sales and efficiencies, and gives them the analytics they need to evaluate profitability.

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