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VisionMenu releases vRate™ to eRate multiple providers and multiple products simultaneously

Ft Wayne, IN- March 3rd 2014- VisionMenu will release vRate™ at the upcoming Agent Summit in Las Vegas, March 10-12.  This unprecedented “new feature” of VisionMenu allows the user to rate multiple providers and multiple products simultaneously.  vRate™ is a “direct to the provider” electronic rating tool that will populate all of the rates that are returned by any of the 40 providers that VisionMenu has a direct integration with.  Once the rates are returned, the F&I Manager then can simply point and click their desired option for each product and package.

“vRate™ does not cost providers, agents, or dealers any additional fee than what they were already paying for their menu,” says Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu.” vRate™ is so efficient in getting all the rates that it makes it much easier to eContract.  The vRate™ process is accomplished in a fraction of the time that it takes the user to rate each provider individually.”

About VisionMenu, Inc.: VisionMenu is a high quality provider of Software Selling Solutions to Automotive and Powersports Dealers. The VisionMenuPRO platform includes VisionMenu, VisonReport, VisionReport Mobile, and vRate™. These solutions help dealers sell more units, increase F&I product sales and efficiencies, and gives them the analytics they need to evaluate profitability. VisionMenu was designed by The Vision of F&I, Inc., a leading provider of Sales and F&I Training. The sales expertise of The Vision of F&I gives VisionMenu a unique user interface to make it the most effective sales tool of its kind.

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Digital F&I (An expanded edition of The Vision of F&I)

Book Cover 2Digital F&I is an expanded edition of his previous book, The Vision of F&I. This new edition includes new and improved sales pitches, word tracks, and closes, combined with the technology that we use today to ensure the highest profitability and efficiency.


In this edition you will learn:
– How technology has shaped the finance sales presentation
– Why Menu Selling is here to stay
– The Keys to Success in F&I
– The psychology of the F&I sales presentation
– The Art of the Deal
– How to present, overcome, and close many of the products available to sell today including: Vehicle Service Contracts, GAP protection, Tire & Wheel, Credit Insurance, and Appearance Packages.
– And much more!


Ron Martin’s Finance & Insurance sales philosophy has been shaped by his 30 years of experience as an F&I manager, Indirect Lender, Aftermarket Product Agent, and F&I Trainer. For the  last 10 years his team at VisionMenu, Inc. has worked to create the leading software for Automotive and Powersports Dealerships. Ron has contributed either as a speaker or writer for many of the top Automotive and Powersports publications  including:
  • Automotive News
  • F&I and Showroom Magazine
  • Agent Entrepreneur
  • Providers and Administrations
  • Dealer Business
  • Auto Success Magazine

$29.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling
Sales tax applies to Indiana residents


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