Monthly Archives: January 2012

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Buyer/Co-Buyer and Vehicle Controls changed 1/9/12

We have made changes to the controls of the Buyer/Co-Buyer and Vehicle information areas to increase speed when inputting a menu. The previous controls would post back to the server causing you to wait for the information to load. The new controls will allow you to edit and change any of this information without waiting for the server to respond.

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Quick Rate for Product Providers 1/9/12

We have reconfigured the Product rating window so all the choices can be made after the rates are pulled in and prior to populating the deal screen. By allowing you to edit each option before it displays on the deal screen, the platform is significantly faster and more efficient when rating products for each option of each deal.

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“Calculate” buttons to speed up the menu creation process 1/9/12

“Calculate” buttons to speed up the menu creation process added.We have eliminated the auto calculate feature and replaced it with a “Calculate” button that eliminates 95% of the post back to the server on the deal screen. You will see these buttons underneath your menu options after you have made a change to the screen. In the previous version, you needed to wait for each change to load so that the payment would display for each option. With the new feature, you are able to change the screen as many times as you would like, and when you are finished, you can click the “Calculate” button once to display your payments.