Monthly Archives: September 2011

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Highlight on Deal Ledger when a Menu or Product Disclosure Form is printed 9/21/11

Icons now show on the Deal Ledger indicating that a Menu, Disclosure, or a Red Flags check had been run on that deal. Icons are selectable and viewable and will display the last Menu or Product Disclosure information that a dealership has printed for a customer.


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Add Signature Lines for each option on Custom Menu 9/21/11

In the past, VisionMenu only allowed for a Custom Menu to have one Signature Line, however, we have added the option to have Signature Lines under each product package on your Custom Menu.

*Note: If you would like to have Signature Lines for each option added to your Custom Menus, please call customer service at: 1-800-413-9902

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Product Disclosure Form enhancements 9/21/11

Three new features have been added to the Product Disclosure Form, which include:

Buyer and vehicle information now displays on the Product Disclosure Form.

The Amount Financed, APR, Term, and Cash Down all now appear on the Product Disclosure Form.

Total Product /Monthly prices have been added to the bottom of the Product Disclosure Form for accepted and declined products.

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Make Menu Print Usage Report available for ALL accounts 9/21/11

The Menu Usage Report is now available to all VisionMenu accounts. This report displays login counts, Menu prints, and Product Disclosure prints. Now, upon logging in, you will see a “Reports” link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen which will allow you to run this report.


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Add Dealership Logo to the Custom Menu 9/21/11

Dealership Logos are now available to appear on Custom Menus and Product Disclosures. These Logos will appear in the upper left-hand corner of a dealership’s Custom Menus or Product Disclosure Form.


*Note: This is an administrative function only. If you would like to have a Custom Logo added to your dealership’s Menus and Product Disclosure Form, please call customer service at: 1-800-413-9902


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Menu Reporting

VisionMenu stores the last menu, disclosure, and Red Flag documents that were printed.

Menu Usage Report

  • Reports menu and disclosure usage
  • Computes dollars per retail with and without a menu

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