Monthly Archives: August 2011

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Protective web service markup 8/25/11

Default markups can now be added to minimize keystrokes for users utilizing the Protective web service within VisionMenu.

*Note: This is an administrative function only. If you would like a markup defaulted to your menu’s please call customer service at: 1-800-413-9902

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Unit Profit Report 8/25/11

We’ve converted some old reports to our new format. For our reporting users, you’ll notice the Unit/Profit report by finance manager, sales person, & sales manager have all been rolled into one easy to use report. 

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New, product prices along with monthly prices included on finance menus 8/25/11

Agency requested. We’ve added a new feature to our infinite menu creation settings. Users can now choose to display the product price along with the monthly product price when creating a menu.