Monthly Archives: June 2011

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VisionMenu adds a Special Cash Menu 6/8/2011

We responded to one of our agents requests to design a cash menu that would produce higher product penetrations. The special cash menu not only provides you with the total amount due per package, but also the product price and converted monthly amount and daily amount. It also allows for a finance or lease conversion option if the user chooses it.

Please call us for direction on setting up this new menu option.


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Adding $PLU (dollar per lease unit) to the Highlights Section of the Employee Column Report and Group Column Report 6/8/2011

On the Employee Column Report & Group Column Report a new field has been added. PLU (dollar per Lease unit) is located in the highlights section at the end of both reports.

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Added Parameter to Run the Employee Column Report by “Deal Type” 6/8/2011

We’ve added a new filter to the Employee Column Report. Now when generating the report, you can run it for deal types. Finance, Lease, Cash, and Walk-in.

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New F&I Analysis by Manager Report now has Sortable Columns 6/8/2011

Our New F&I Analysis by Manager report now has a column sorting function available. Users can now sort all new,used,total,index, and Back Gross average columns on this report.

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Color Code Menu Packages by Option 6/8/2011

Requested by dealers using VisionMenu, users can now color code their menu’s by option rather than our standard color coding by product.