Monthly Archives: April 2011

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Adding mileage bans as taglines 4/20/2011

If you are a dealer that utilizes one of the many web services within VisionMenu, you’ll now notice when you pull in rates for your provider, you will see the plan type, mileage ban, and deductible appear on your menus. These fields also populate to the Product disclosure form for accepted and declined products.

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New F&I Analysis by Manager Report 4/20/2011

This report has taken the place of the three previous F&I Analysis Reports: F&I Analysis by Finance Manager, Salesperson, and Sales Manager. The new F&I analysis report can be filtered for Finance Manager, Salesperson, and Sales Manager or any combination of the three. The names in blue font are drill downs to their role specific report. Finance Managers drill down to the F&I Analyzer. Salespeople drill down to the Salesperson Recap. Sales Managers drill down to the Sales Manager Recap.

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Employee Column Report 4/20/2011

Employee Column Report directly mirrors our pre-existing Group Column report. All of the categories are the same (penetrations, income, averages, and highlights) except it’s ran by employees rather than dealerships. Like the Group Column report, there are two formats to choose from; landscape and portrait.