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VisionMenu announces free Powersport F&I Sales and Compliance Training

VisionMenu, Inc releases Online Powersports F&I Sales and Compliance course

Ft Wayne, IN- May 13, 2010 – VisionMenu, Inc today announced the release of an online F&I Sales and Compliance course specifically for Power sports. This 3-hour production is a standard feature of VisionMenu and VisionMenu Plus.

The training begins with a discussion on the F&I Sales Process. How to effectively Approach a Customer, Present the Products, Overcome Objections, and Get the Customer to make a decision to buy. It continues with Products sales that will equip the F&I sales person with Knowledge of the Products, Benefits they provide, and how to sell them effectively. It outlines the objections for each product and how to properly overcome them to take the customer smoothly through the close. Menu Selling is fast becoming the selling method of choice for forward thinking Powersports F&I Manager or Sales person that presents the F&I products to the customer. The training provides a profitable Menu approach that we call the Hybrid Menu Method. It also shows the F&I sales person how to use an electronic menu to close. The program concludes with an overview of the most important Laws and Regulations to be a compliant F&I Manager at a Powersports Dealership

About VisionMenu, Inc.: VisionMenu is a high quality provider of Software Selling Solutions to Automotive and Powersports Dealers. The VisionMenu Pro platform includes VisionMenu, VisionDesk, and VisionReport. These solutions help dealers sell more units, increase F&I product sales, and gives them the analytics they need to evaluate profitability. VisionMenu was designed by The Vision of F&I, Inc., a leading provider of Sales and F&I Training. The sales expertise of The Vision of F&I gives VisionMenu a unique user interface to make it the most effective sales tool of its kind. For more information go to

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VisionMenu Pro

VisionMenu Pro allows the user to create their own dashboard so they can have customized RSS feeds, Google searches, profitability, reports--and they can design the dashboard on a per-user basis. This is unique within this industry. VisionMenu Pro's idea is when a user signs in each morning they will go straight to their homepage which is the VisionReport dashboard. This will allow the user to focus on the profitability of the transactions they work every day.