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VisionReport gives you unparalleled access to your data in a clear understandable format and in real time. It gives you the ability to track results by Salesperson, Manager, Department, Dealership, or group. Find where you stand relative to your goals at a glance with our Dealership Dashboards. You will be able to customize training based on the strengths or weaknesses of each F&I person, or Salesperson’s performance. In addition, you can securely access your data anywhere in the world via the internet.

Watch VisionReport Demonstrations

VisionReport dashboards can be uniquely designed by the user themselves. Every time they log in they are on their personal web page.


Custom Reporting

VisionReport gives you the ability to customize reports that will help your dealership maximize profits.  The user can put in their favorites a variety of F&I, Sales, Dealer, Office, and Inventory reports. You can generate the traditional PDF to take to the sales meetings, but VisionReport is best used simply by drilling down to information that you what to view from your home page. VisionReport adds charts & graphs to make it clear who is achieving the desired results.




Dealership Statistics

With VisionReport dealers can decide what dealer statistics they’d like to have displayed in real-time. This data gives dealers the ability to track the performance of their employees, and help target areas that may need additional training. The employees can be ranked by group or dealer. It is ideal for both the small dealership, or the dealer group, who wants all of their stores compared.

Customized Widgets

The Dashboard also give users the opportunity to customize a number of other widgets. Users can opt to view RSS feeds from industry publications such as Automotive News and F&I Management and Technology. They can have their favorite search displayed to make their home page highly versatile. This home page keeps the user focused on dealership profitability everytime they log in and return from a web search.



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New Reports Added to VisionReport

F&I Weekly Report at a glance, F&I Performance by Product Type, F&I Performance Detail Report, and Tracking Report have been added to Report library.

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Service Drive Menu

VisionMenu and Protective have new Service Drive menu labeled VisionService

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5 Focus Factors – Keynote Speaker

Focus is a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding. So, if you expect a desired outcome, you are much more likely to achieve it. That means you need to be able to channel your energy in a specific direction to increase the likelihood of getting there.

This brings to question, what factors have to be present for you to obtain your desired outcome? In F&I, the five factors are (1) the customer, (2) the team, (3) the sales process, (4) your attitude, and (5) the terminology you use. Let’s discuss each one.

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